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You read right! We’re hitting the road on a surgical strike mission to New Orleans!!!
CYBERTRYBE will be playing at the VOODOO MUSIC EXPERIENCE on Oct 25th in City Park with bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Mars Volta, REM and Nine Inch Nails!!! (among others)

We were approached after the Thrill Kill Kult show by a friend that asked us if we wanted to play the festival and of course you know what my answer was but…. I didn’t give it. Going to this festival would mean us having to pool money for gas, getting some merch together and all sorts of things plus, making sure everyone in the band felt it was a good idea. Well that was Tuesday and today, we made the decision.

Well we did it – we pulled everything we had and now it’s going to happen!!

Not only are we playing at the VooDoo Fest, we were handed a gig for the night before (Oct 24th) at a little hole in the wall in down town New Orleans. Now I don’t know about any of you but it has always been a dream of mine to play in a little hole in the wall in New Orleans. the place is called the Hi-Lo Lounge and I know nothing about it… in fact I doubt they have a sound system that can handle us but we’re doing it just to say we did!

Now – the hard part… who is opening for who… I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder right! STP plays Friday night, we play just before NIN on Sat and REM ends the show on Sunday so…. in our eyes, we open for NIN… and better yet, using our slide rule… this means STP opens for us!!!! BUT – that would mean NIN would be opening for REM and I’m not sure I like that idea so… back to the chalk board I guess.

Anyway – this is a personal dream now come true – and NIN is playing (on our night) so thats a plus.

Just a little over a month ago Kitty and I were at the NIN concert at the Palace (MI)and both of us said “wouldn’t it be cool to open for them”. Now…. in a round about way… we are… just a month later!

Well? Well? Did ya read the blog post under this one? Maybe read it again… this is the kind of thing that is happening right now and we know what a gift horse is… and I’m not gonna look in its mouth.

The band is very excited – in fact, I’ve never seen the band drink this many days in a row before… is that good?

-Sean Mooer